Update Aadhaar Data – Name, Address, DoB, Mobile Number, Photo, Gender, Email: Online or by Post

Sometimes it happens that you find mistakes and errors in your printed aadhaar card. One should try to change that erroneous data in aadhar as early as possible. Why? Aadhaar is very good proof of identity and proof of address which can be used in various services and verifications. Actually, the Indian government and private business promoting more and more use of aadhaar card. At present, you can link your aadhaar card to a bank account, which enables you to get LPG Subsidy or other social subsidies (if applicable). It’s in the news that in near future aadhaar card will be linked to PAN card, Passport too. So what we learn here is having all aadhaar data in very important. You have decided to take that right step that why you are here. We are giving you a Simple and Complete guide to making an update in Name, Address, DoB, Mobile Number, Photo, Gender, Email ID in aadhar card.

Before going further, we recommend you to go through tips section.


  1. You can do more than one update in single Update/Correction Request.
  2. You can change Name, Address, DoB, Mobile Number, Gender, Email ID online and by post too.
  3. All online processes need OTP for validation, so you should have your registered mobile number with you.
  4. Photo change can be done in offline mode only. You must visit nearest authorised aadhar enrolment centres for same.
  5. You don’t need to submit/upload any document to change mobile number and gender in aadhaar.
  6. You need to upload colour scanned copies of original documents, file format supported are pdf, png, jpg, jpeg etc. Mostly your scanned document will be in pdf format.

Change / Correct / Update Aadhaar Data Online process in basically divided into 4 sections as follows,

  1. Login with Aadhaar
  2. Date Update / Correction Request
  3. Document Upload
  4. BPO Service Provider Selection


How to Update Aadhaar Data Online – Common Process

  1. First you need to log in with your aadhaar number. Enter your “Aadhaar number” and “Text Verification” code and click “Send OTP”
  2. You should have your registered mobile number with you. You will receive OTP (6-digit password) by SMS. If you don’t have one, don’t worry. Check our simple guide to know how to change mobile number in aadhaar card online or by post.

  1. Enter received 6-digit OTP on next screen and click “Login”.
  2. Now you entered in the second stage which is “Data Update Request“. Check the field you want to update or correct e.g. “Mobile Number” and click “Submit”.

  1. As per selection, you will be redirected to the respective screen. Here are some examples.

    To change Name in aadhaar card, you will get the following screen.

    To change Address in aadhaar card, you will get the following screen

    To change the mobile number, you will get the following screen.

  1. same way to change gender, email, DoB (Date of Birth) you will get different screens.

All necessary guidelines are given on respective screens.

  1. After successfully submitting update request, review and confirm the changes by clicking on “Proceed” button. You must read all instructions carefully on the confirmation page.

Now you are in “Document Upload” stage where you ned to upload respective documents. You need to upload colour scanned copies of original documents. You just need to upload one scanned document.

For mobile number and gender update / correction, you don’t need to upload any documents. Click “Submit” to proceed.

e.g. for updating / correcting Name you need to upload one proof of identity (PoI) document. Click to see a list of all documents required for aadhaar card update / correction.

  1. Now you have to choose the “BPO Service Provider” who will serve your update aadhaar data request. Click “Submit” to proceed.

  2. Your Update / Correction request is completed. Now you will be prompted to “Print” or “Download” update /correction acknowledgement slip.
  3. Note down the Update Request Number (URN), you will need this to check status. You can watch our video guide on how to check aadhaar update status online.

Update Photo in Aadhaar Card

As of now, no online process available to update the photo in aadhaar card. We will update our News & Update Section if we get any news for same. You should visit nearest authorized aadhaar enrolment centre to update photo in aadhaar card.


Change / Correct / Update Aadhaar Data by Post (Offline)

For any reason, you cannot update aadhaar data online; don’t worry. You still have an offline option which is to make an update in aadhaar data by post.

  1. Download the “Aadhaar Data Update/Correction Form for Request through Post

  1. Fill in the form in the capital letter only. Fill the complete form irrespective of the field/s for update/correction.
  2. Mobile number is mandatory for Update/Change in any of the fields.
  3. Depending upon the field to change, collect the supporting documents. Click to see a complete list of document required for aadhaar date update.
  4. Self-attest (self-sign) all photocopies of the document and write aadhaar number and type of document (PoI, PoA, DoB) on each document.
  5. For minors, their parent / guardian can attest the documents.
  6. Insert the update form and supporting documents in the envelope. Write “Aadhaar Update/Correction” on the envelope and seal it properly.
  7. Post envelope to one of following addresses.

Post Box No. 10,
Madhya Pradesh – 480001,


Post Box No. 99,
Banjara Hills,
Hyderabad – 500034,

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