New LPG Connection Online, Documents, Check Status, Order Refill Online

Today in this article we learn ALL about LPG GAS in India. We will cover online registration, booking, a status check of enrollment. We will also learn how to avail LPG subsidy, subsidy status, how to cancel subsidy and much more. Let’s start with basic questions first. You can jump to the desired section by clicking on the specific topic link in the table of content.

As per the directive of Government of India, dated 28/12/2015, LPG subsidy will not be available for LPG consumer, if the consumer or his/her spouse had taxable income of more than Rs 10,00,000/- (Rupees Ten Lacs) during the previous financial year computed as per the Income Tax Act, 1961.

What is LPG?

Liquefied petroleum gas or Liquid petroleum gas, also known as propane or butane gas. LPG is mainly used for cooking in India. It is used for the domestic purpose and for hotels and restaurants too. Generally, domestic LPG is 14.5 KG and industrial gas cylinders are bigger. As per 2011 census, almost 28 % of Indian households use domestic LPG, which is 3.36 crores households. Indane, Bharat gas, HP, Indian Oil are top LPG gas cylinder providers in India.

Now let’s jump to specific topics, we will use Indane gas portal for following demonstrations. The procedure is almost same for other top LPG distributors like Bharat Gas, HP, Indian Oil etc.

Documents Required for New LPG Connection

Whether you are getting new LPG connection online or offline from LPG showrooms you need the same set of documents required for LPG connection. Common documents required for new LPG connection are as follows

Proof of Identity Documents (PoI) (any one of following documents)

  • PAN Card
  • Passport
  • Voter’s Identity Card
  • Aadhaar Letter
  • Driving License
  • Bank Passbook with Photograph (also used for linking LPG Account with Bank Account)

Proof of Address (PoA) (any one of following documents)

  • Passport
  • Aadhaar Card
  • Ration Card
  • Electricity Bill (Last Three Months)
  • Landline Telephone Bill (Last Three Months)
  • Rent Agreement copy
  • House registration papers /Property Tax Document
  • Voter’s Identity Card
  • Bank Passbook

Register for New LPG Connection Online

From 1st May 2015, government IOC has launched online LPG New Connection / Registration facility. Major LPG companies like Indane, Bharat Gas, HP, Indian Oil offers online LPG enrollment services, smaller or regional player still don’t offer online services.

Following is the example of Indane New Gas Connection Process.

1. Go to Indane Website. Click on “Register for LPG Connection” link in left.

Register for new LPG Connection
Indane – Registration Form

2. Choose the State, District. Locate desired distributor for your area. Add Name, DOB and contact details and click “Submit” button.

Mobile number and email ID are mandatory fields and these will be used for Online LPG consumer portal account and further communications.

3. If you have already registered with given name, address, mobile number or email ID, the system will show an error that you have already a connection. The rule is that only one connection is allowed per family / address.

4. Then you need to enter the address. Make sure that distributor you chose is near to your address. It is good for cylinder delivery. Now you need to upload the scanned copies of necessary documents.

5. Now pay the fees online.

6. After payment, the system will generate an ‘e-SV‘ electronic subscription voucher. This will have a registration reference number. Take a print of “e-SV” slip or save it on USB or phone. You will get an SMS on give mobile number stating your booking number. This is the number used to set up an online account. Check more details on a respective section of the article.

7. By the time, your application is in the process you can check New LPG gas connection status from the same portal. Click on given link. Enter “Reference Number” and applicant’s DOB and hit “Check Status” button. The system will show you the status of your new gas connections.

8. If in case, you want to cancel new LPG connection request then kindly do it before you get the delivery of cylinder. To cancel the new LPG connection request, check the status of the application as per step no.7. And click on “Cancel” button. Refund of money will be done as per policy of given company.

9. You will receive a call from chosen local distributor for confirmation of new connection. And then will arrange the delivery of your gas cylinder as per convenient time of both parties.

10. You need to give “e-SV” copy to the delivery person.

11. You will receive 2 Full Domestic LPG Gas cylinders, a regulator, a pipe, a gas lighter and a gas stove
(1/2/3 burner depend on your choice made while registering for the connection).

For the first time, the delivery person will do the gas setup for you. They will fix the regulator, pipe to a gas stove. This service my not offered by all distributor.


Apply for New LPC Connection Offline

If you are not comfortable with online enrolment process or payment, then you can simply go to nearest LPG showroom of the desired brand. Here is the process for offline LPG connection. Please note that document required for new LPG connection are same as of online process. The only difference in offline process is that you submit copies of documents at the showroom.

  1. Visit nearest LPG showroom.
  2. Fill in the application form. Choose the type of gas stove you want.
  3. Submit the copies of required documents. An executive at showroom will verify documents and if all is fine then pay the fees accordingly.
  4. You will get a receipt / cash memo after payment.
  5. You will get an SMS on given mobile number stating your booking number. We need this number to set up an online account. Check more about it in respective section in the article.
  6. Executive will ask for the convenient time of delivery.
On given time, delivery boy delivers the complete set to your doorstep. You will receive 2 Domestic LPG Gas cylinders, a regulator, a pipe, a gas lighter and a gas stove (1/2/3 burner depend on your choice made while registering for the connection).

For the first time, the delivery person will do the gas setup for you. They will fix the regulator, pipe to a gas stove. This service my not offered by all distributors.


Online Consumer Registration

Now next step is to do online consumer registration though it is optional, it offers various online services like ordering a refill of gas cylinder online, linking aadhaar card to LPG Account and linking a bank account to LPG Account. We will see all these topics in coming sections. Here will see Indane consumer registration demo.

1. Visit Indane Website. Click on “New User” button on top right section of the screen.

Consumer Regisration
Indane – Consumer Regisration Form

2. Enter the details asked on the form. Choose the correct “Distributor” from the list.

3. Enter your “Consumer Number” or “17 digit LPG ID“. You must have received consumer number and LPG ID by SMS after registration.

4. Enter same mobile number and email id that you enter while doing the registration.

5. It is mandatory to provide at least 2 documents numbers, we recommend to add aadhaar number, that will link your LPG account to aadhar number.

6. Enter the “Security Code” and click “Submit” button. Now you will receive a “Confirmation Email” on given mail ID. Open the email and click on Confirmation Link.

7. Now you will receive another email with your account username and initial password. You need to reset this initial password on very first login.

8. And that’s it, you have successfully registered in LPG Consumer Account.

Now let’s see what all you can do from your Online LPG Consumer Account. We will use Indane Consumer portal for a demo.

After logging into consumer portal you see following dashboard screen.

Consumer Portal Dashboard
Indane – Consumer Portal Dashboard

From LPG Consumer Portal, you can

  • Order Cylinder Refill & track the progress
  • Check booking history
  • Change distributor
  • Set Prefer Time Delivery
  • Link Bank Account

We will try to cover all these points in separate sections.


Order & Track Cylinder Refill

  1. Click on “Order / Track Your Refill”
  2. Your account details will be shown on next screen.
  3. Choose the type of payment. If you choose “Online Payment” then you need to pay the amount online. You can also choose “Cash On Delivery“.
  4. Click the “Book Now” button.
  5. Please note that you must submit the PAN Card details for this.
  6. On successful booking, you will get a booking reference number on the screen. You will also get the reference number and expected delivery time by SMS.
  7. To check the order status, go to dashboard and again click on “Order / Track Your Refill” link. You will see the order / booking status at the end of the screen.
  8. Please note you will be able to order another refill after delivery of first refill only.
  9. To check the cylinder order history, click on “Cylinder Booking History” link.

Set Prefer Time Delivery

You can set your preferred time for LPG cylinder delivery as per your convenience. This is one of our most favourite parts of this portal. Click on “Prefer Time Delivery” and set the time.

Link Aadhaar with LPG Account

It is mandatory to link aadhaar card with your LPG account. Then only you will be eligible to receive LPG Subsidy. If you are applying new LPG connection, then you can submit UID Number or aadhaar letter / card as proof of Identity. Then aadhaar will be automatically linked to your LPG account.

Link Bank Account with LPG

Like aadhaar, you need to link bank account to LPG account to avail LPG subsidy. If you are applying for new LPG gas connection, then give Bank Statement as proof of identity. Make sure that this bank account is having net banking facility (optional). This automatically links your bank account with a log.

If you are an old customer and you have consumer portal login then log in to the portal. Click on “Submit Bank Details” link and enter your bank account number, IFSC Code. You can link your bank account to LPG without aadhaar Card too. But we recommend you to add aadhaar number too. Aadhaar is best KYC document, it simplifies to customer identification process.

Find LPG Consumer Number & 17 Digit LPG ID

You need LPG Consumer Number to consumer portal registration and for any communication with distributor or company itself. If you are not sure what is your LPG consumer ID then don’t worry, we will tell you how to find it.

  • You must have received couple if SMS on your registered mobile number while applying new LPG connection. This SMS is having your consumer number.
  • If you have done online LPG registration, then you get consumer number over mail. Check your mail.
  • If you have done the offline process, then your Cash Memo or Refill Slip will have your number.

Same rules for your 17 digit LPG ID. You can find it in an email, SMS, Cash Memo. If none of the option works then give a call to your distributor, they will help you in this matter. You can search your 17 Digit LPG ID online too. You need to go to this page and enter your registered mobile number or aadhaar number and click on “Search” button. You will see your LPG ID on screen. Note it down.

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  • If you have any doubt about gas leakage, then do not the light gas stove. Call LPG Mechanic / Showroom / Distributor customer care ASAP.
  • There is free insurance available for each gas connection.
  • Always check the weight of cylinder with digital weighing scale. There are a lot of scam happening, report to the company if you find less has in your cylinder refill.

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