Kalnirnay 2016 – Download Free App not pdf

From the first week of the year 2016, we observed sudden upsurge in a google search for keyword “Kalnirnay 2016 pdf download”. So for the sake of being curious, we also search for same and we ended up in scam websites. What these websites are doing is taking photos of printed kalnirnay 2016 calendar and uploading on their sites. And they offer these photos as “Kalnirnay 2016 free pdf downloads”. Kindly don’t fall for these fake / scam sites.

Kalnirnay is a well-known brand in India for calendars. As per their official website they have 1,40,00,000 consumers in only in India. On top of that, they also have UK and US editions too. Do you know that Kalnirnay offers its calendar in 7 languages like English, Marathi, Hindi, Gujarati, Tamil, Telugu and Kannada.

We understand why people want to download Kalnirnay 2016 pdf. They want to have this awesome calendar on the phone so that they can refer it on the go. But same desire has been exploited by these scam websites. Kalnirnay offers free apps for Android, Apple, Windows phones. They also have app for Apple iPads. All these apps are free to download and use. These apps do have in-app ads but it’s free to download and user. So rather than downloading photos of printed Kalnirnay you can download the free app. Here are the links from Kalnirnay official website.

Here is the bad news, Kalnirnay is not keeping their apps up to date. And probably that makes people searching for these free kalnirnay pdf download.


How to install free Kalnirnay 2016 app on android phone

  1. Go to Google Play Website.
  2. Search for “Kalnirnay 2016”. You will see the following list of apps.

    Kalnirnay 2016 - Download Free App not pdf
    Image courtesy: GooglePlay

  3. Click on the first app shown. Make sure it is an official “Kalnirnay” app. Read description for more info.
  4. Install app on your device / mobile. And that’s it. As simple as that. When you have the free app then why to download free pdfs and photos.

List of Kalnirnay 2016 App Features

  1. It is free to download, install and use. You might see in-app ads.
  2. You will 7 language options in the app. You can change the language from setting menu.
  3. Along with dates, tithis and festival information you enjoy the panchang, horoscope freely with Kalnirnay 2016 app.
  4. You can make your own To-Do list in the app.
  5. Check out some of the sample app screenshot.
Kalnirnay 2016 - Download Free App not pdf
Images Courtesy: Kalnirnay App





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