Income Certificate – Apply Online, Offline, Check Status, Document Required *Complete Guide*

Income certificate is issued to below poverty line (BPL) person whose income is less than Rs. 11,000 per annum. Please note that this is yearly income. Income certificate is mostly required for student admission process in colleges and universities. Students also need it for scholarship, freeships, educational loans or to apply for other social / welfare schemes from state or central government.

Documents Required for Income Certificate

Here is the list of most common documents required for income certificate.

  1. Original Application signed by applicant
  2. 5 R.s court stamp
  3. Bonafide certificate of daughter / son for whom you want a certificate. Check the last section for more information.
  4. Parent’s annual income certificate.
    1. If you are employed and not filling income tax return then you should provide your salary certificate
    2. If you earning from your business, land or farm you must include those details in application form, plus you need to provide income tax return copy
    3. If you don’t have income tax return copy for case b then you should provide income certificate from local corporator
  5. Address proof: Any one of
    1. Aadhaar Card
    2. Ration Card
    3. Electricity Bill
    4. Water Bill
    5. Telephone Bill

Apply for Income Certificate Online

Please note that not all state or district authorities offer online application process. You should go to respective state / district website / e-Seva Portal or Counter / CSC Centers/ SETU Centers to learn how to apply for income certificate online.

Here we will take the example of Haryana State (Jansahayak) Portal which offers online process. Along with Haryana, online income certificate application facility is available in Maharashtra, Delhi, UP and some others states too.

  1. Go to your state or district portal (domain ends with Click on “Apply for Income certificate online”.
  2. You may asked to register on the portal. Create username and password and log into the system.
  3. In the application form, you need to provide following information
    • Personal details / Demographics
    • Address and contact details
    • Religion, Caste – these fields depend on the state to state. Maharashtra’s SETU services don’t ask for Religion & Caste.
    • Income details
    • UID (Aadhaar Number) / Voter ID Numer/ Ration Card Number
    • Details of local reference.
    • Type of Delivery – Hand Delivery / By Post
  4. Verify all details.
  5. Agree to terms and conditions and Click on submit button.
  6. Upload scanned copies of all necessary documents.
  7. On successful submission, you will get an acknowledgement slip or unique transaction ID. You can use this ID / Token Number/ Transaction Number to check income certificate status online.
  8. After successful verification, you will get your income certificate.

Apply for Income Certificate Offline

As we said, not all states give online application facility; you need to go to Tehsil Office / SDM Office, e-Seva Kendra, SETU Centres, CSC Centres etc. Here is the generic procedure

  1. Visit respective office and collect application form
  2. Fill in the form with correct details about demographic, address and contact details.
  3. Provide your annual income details. Kindly include income details from your salary, business, land, farms of any other direct / indirect source.
  4. Submit duly signed original form with self-attested or attested from gazetted officer photocopies of documents.
  5. After verification and scrutiny, you will get your income certificate. It may take 30 days time (depends on state).
  6. You can collect your certificate from the office where you applied for it.

Format for Bonafide certificate

If you are a student and you need income certificate then your parent should attach your Bonafide certificate with income tax certificate application. You may wonder where in can find the format / template for Bonafide certificate. You can either find it on college website or ask your accounts / admission department. These formats / template will be in word doc / pdf format. You print a copy and get Bonafide certificate from college. At some places, you need to write a letter addressing principal and submit it to admission department. They will issue a bonafide certificate for you.

Same way you need to submit a proforma affidavit with the application. You will get form at Tehsil / SDM office only.


  • Most probably Income Certificate Online Application will be free of cost. But at some places fees may incurred from you.
  • All source of incomes should be mention in the application. Direct / indirect income from salary, business, shop, land etc.
  • It may take some 30 days for Income certificate. It is always better to get it done before admission season.
  • You can download income certificate application from respective state department website or SETU Centres website.
  • You may need to get true copies / attestation of documents from gazetted officer.
  • In case you are not able to get salary certificate from the employer then you should get income verification certificate from employer. It should on company letterhead.
  • Please note that each state’s process is more or less same but not exactly same.
  • For any online process you should always visit government websites, they end with domain.

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