Domicile Certificate – Apply, Documents Required & Tips *Complete Guide*

What is Domicile Certificate? It is also called as Resident Certificate (अधिवास / निवासस्थान
प्रमाणपत्र). It is proof that a person bearing a domicile certificate
is a resident / domicile / of that state / UT by which certificate is issued. In simple word, if you got Maharashtra Domicile Certificate then it is proof that your resident of Maharashtra State.

Domicile Certificate should be made from one state / UT only. It is an offence to have a domicile certificate from more than one state / UT.

Benefit of Domicile certificate

It is mainly used to avail quotas in colleges and universities. And also for scholarships, educational loans, hostel admission and other state or central welfare schemes. Some educational institutes reserves seats for the local district or state candidates, domicile certificate will be crucial to apply for such reservation or quotas.

Documents Required for Domicile Certificate

Along with original filled application form you need following documents for domicile certificate.

  1. Proof of continuous residence in that District / State/ UT for specified minimum of the period. This requirement varies place to place. Depending on rules of the state concerned. For Delhi it 3 years and in Haryana, it is 15 years. Check the following section for the format.
  2. Or, proof of holding / owning land in given District / State/ UT for specified minimum of the period.
  3. Proof of Identity documents – Any one of
    1. Aadhaar Card
    2. Ration Card
    3. Passport
    4. Voter ID
    5. Driving License
  4. School Certificates
  5. Attested application form (read more about it in procedure section)
  6. Tehsil Enquiry report (depends on scenario)
  7. Parent’s Affidavit certificate, if certificate needed for the child. (for admission / educational purpose)

How to Apply for Domicile Certificate (Online)

Kindly note that not all state / UT or district administration offers online domicile certificate application. If you have applied online then you can check the process status from the same portal, plus you can download the certificate online from the portal. We hope that is possible in near future. By that time lets explore the offline option

  1. Visit Tehsil/ SDM/ Revenue Department office or E-Seva Kendra, SETU Centres, CSC Centres.
  2. Collect Application form, fill in the details completely.
  3. Get it duly signed filled application form verified from Tehsildar or SDM (depends on rules of your state)
  4. Attach all necessary documents with verified application form.
  5. Pay fees at counter accordingly.
  6. You will get an acknowledgement slip or token number.
  7. After successful verification, you will get your domicile certificate within a day or within a week.

If you are a student, getting domicile certificate for educational purpose or for admission process you may need other certificates too. Click links to check our detailed guides on Income Certificate, Caste Certificate.

Validity of Domicile Certificate

Again this depends on state concered. In some state domicile, certificate is valid for lifetime and for some period may vary. Kidnyl ask local uthortities for same.

Sample Affidavit / Pro forma Format

If you are getting domicile for admission process then your parent need to give the affidavit for same. Click the here to see a sample affidavit for domicile certificate for those who born in Maharashtra.

You also need to get a certificate for continuous residency in applicable district or state. Click here for a sample blank Proforma for Residential Certificate applicable to candidates residing in the State of West Bengal continuously at least for last ten (10) years. The format may change for your location. Use these example for references only.


  1. Always keep original documents with you, the officer may ask them for initial scrutiny.
  2. Keep a couple of passport size photos.
  3. For students, it is always better to get domicile, income, caste certificate before admission season. Sometimes these processes can take time. Be proactive.
  4. Please note that though core procedure is same, it can vary place to place.
  5. Check the validity of certificate from your local authorities.
  6. If you are from the urban area, you can verify your application from Gazetted Officer.
  7. And if you are from village then you can get your application verified from Sarpanch, if gazetted officer is not in reach.
  8. Please note that this is the generic procedure for domicile certificate.