Death Certificate – Register, Apply Online, Check Status, Documents Required

Death Certificate is a document issued by the government to closest relatives of the deceased person. This certificate will have a date of the death and cause of death. Death certificate mainly needed in case of insurance claims and settlement of property inheritance. It is mandatory by law to register the death of a person within 21 days of its occurrence. It will be easy to get a death certificate in future if you have registered it in time.

Documents Required

No special documents required to get the death certificate of deceased. You may be asked to provide basic identity documents for same.

Apply for Death Certificate Online

Nowadays you can apply for death certificate online at state government or district portals. As this matter of concern state, each state can have a different way of offering online service. Here we will explain the generic process of online death certificate application.

  1. Visit your state / district / municipality / gram panchayat portal.
  2. You may need to create an account to avail online services. Create account and login to it.
  3. Under citizen services tab click on “Apply for Death Certificate Online“.
  4. Enter your suburb/ district, taluka, applicant name, deceased person name, and date of death.
  5. Click on Submit button.
  6. You will be prompted to pay a small fee. Pay fees with debit / credit card or net banking.
  7. After submission of application, you need to wait for given time. Waiting time may vary from 3 days to week, depends on concern state rule.
  8. Meanwhile, you can check application status from the same account.
  9. If for some reason your application is declined, then you will be notified by email or SMS.
  10. On successful verification, you can download and print the death certificate from your account.
  11. If death is not registered, then your application will be rejected. In this case, visit your local tehsil or municipality and registered the death of the person.
  12. Later, if in case you misplaced or lost the certificate. You can login to the same system and download the certificate again. No need to apply for duplicate death certificate again.

    Please note that process, fees, waiting time can vary state to state. Above is the generic process. We will be coming up with specific city guides soon.

Apply for Death Certificate Offline

Though online e-citizen services are becoming common now. But not all of us use online process. Some may not feel comfortable using online payment etc so they opt for the offline process. Offline processes are not streamlined, you may see unwanted delays from officers, bribe / corruption is a big problem. Nevertheless, let’ see how to apply for death certificate offline

  1. Visit nearest Municipal Corporation / Municipal Council / District Administration Office / Tehsil / SDM Office. At some places, you can visit CSC Centers / SETU Kendra.
  2. You may need to fill in the application form.
  3. Officer will verify the death registration of the deceased person.
  4. If death is registered in time and it is on record, then you will get a certificate.
  5. OR if death was not registered then you may need pay late penalty fees. The administrative body need to carry out verification of death. After successful verification, only you will get a death certificate.

    So it is very important to register death to your local administrative body within 21 days after the death of the person.

How to register death of person

A death at the house should be registered by head if family or closest relative. A death at the hospital to be registered by medial-in-charge. For death in jail, jail in-charge should register it.

  1. Visit nearest Municipal Corporation / Municipal Council / District Administration Office / Tehsil / SDM Office.
  2. Fill in the registration form.
  3. Make sure it registered in local register / database.


  • It is mandatory by law to register the death within 21 days.
  • Government portals domain ends with Do not all for scam websites.