Book Appointment for Aadhaar Card Online

Before going to learn how to book appointment for Aadhaar card online, let us clarify one myth about online aadhaar card application. UIDAI (Government agency for aadhaar) DO NOT support complete online aadhaar enrolment process. It just allows you to book appointment for Aadhaar card enrolment which can be done online. But you MUST visit aadhaar enrolment centre for rest of the process.

UIDAI has started online appointment booking on a trial basis and that for also SELECTED centres only. By booking your appointment for enrolment, you can save your time in queue at centre.

Document Required:

No document required for appointment booking, you need to have basic information with you like mobile no etc

How to Book Appointment for Aadhaar Card Online

book appointment for aadhaar card online
Image Courtesy: UIDAI
  1. Go to UIDAI Online Appointment Website, you will see above screen.
  2. Fill in your “Name”, “Mobile No.”, “E-mail”, “No. of persons”.
  3. In the second section choose your “state / UT”, then “district / city” and then “locality/area”.
  4. When you will choose “locality/area” you will see only those centres which support online appointment booking, choose one.
  5. When you will select “Enrolment Centre” you can see time slot availability for that centre. To check this, click on “Check Availability” link, which will be on the right side on the screen.

Take an example here, on 15th December you have total 36 appointments available, 6 per hour. Decide time slot as per your convenience and enter it in “Time” fields of the 3rd section. If given time slot in RED then that time slot in not available.

book appointment for aadhaar card online

Image Courtesy: UIDAI

6. In 3rd section, enter date and time for your appointment at selected enrolment centre. Remember you cannot choose date longer than 30 days. Before choosing “Time”, you must fill all information in the 2nd section or else it will not show the time. And check the availability of time slot too, as shown in above screenshot.

      7. Enter “Verification Code” and click on “Fix appointment” button.
      8. It will generate a slip having a booking “Token ID”. You will also receive information on given mobile number and email. Remember to carry this slip with you, executive at enrolment centre may ask you same.

Kindly note that you MUST visit selected enrolment centre on selected time slot only. This is JUST AN APPOINTMENT; all enrolment process will be carried out at selected enrolment centre only.

Now you know how to book appointment for aadhaar card online. If you are interested click link to know how to apply for an aadhaar card, and click on link to see latest News and Updates about aadhar card

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