Below Poverty Line – BPL Card / Certificate

As per our information, there is no the fixed formula for deciding below poverty line candidates. There were various points based formulae presented by the government but they were highly criticized. State government are allowed to design their own point and formula to identify the BPL candidate / family. Some of the points considered when deciding the BPL are land, the condition of the house , sanitation facility, family income, drinking water access, amenities in the house etc. Let’s take a generic example,if you have a pucca house or a bicycle then you are not eligible for below poverty line / BPL card.

Documents required for BPL Card / Certificate

At some places, you need to have income certificate to get a BPL card. But even minimum and maximum income limits vary state to state. There is no centralized common procedure or list of documents for this process.

Application Process

Again, the process & eligibility criteria may vary state to state. The basic process is that government conducts BPL survey once in a decade to find BPL families. If the head of your family is in this list / database then you will get the BPL Card or BPL Ration Card.

In Maharashtra, you can apply for BPL card online on AapleSarkar Portal. You need to create an account there . You need to pay a small fee for it. If you / your family designated as BPL Family then you will get the certificate or else your application will get rejected.

How to find BPL Card list

Nowadays, you can find the BPL card list online on state or district administration website. E.g Dhule district from Maharashtra having list posted on their website as PDF File. Some of the states may offer a searchable database to find BPL card list.

Benefits of BPL Card

With BPL ration card you will get subsidized food on discounted price. You may also be eligible for various schemes from the government. There is no proper information available on this. Sooner we will be coming up with more information on these schemes. Keep visiting our site for updated information.